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Winter is finally over! Now what?

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Are you looking to be more active now that the spring weather is here, but you are concerned about an existing medical condition?  Even though many of my clients have medical conditions, they know that they need to be more active and in fact, more activity can improve their medical condition.

As an Older Adult Fitness Specialist, I am trained to work with your health care provider and will personalize your activity program accordingly.  For instance, if you have arthritis I would choose low/no impact activities and encourage daily warm-up and stretching.  If you have osteoporosis we would avoid forward flexion, twisting and quick movements.  If you have cardiovascular disease or hypertension, we would avoid isometric contractions like the plank and we would closely monitor your “perceived exertion”.

These are just a few of the modifications that I would consider when designing your safe, personal activity program based on your initial health assessment.  Remember, your assessment is no charge and no obligation.  It gives us a chance to talk to each other and review your health status and your fitness goals.

Call me today to get you on the road to better health with active living!

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