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What stage are you?

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Before anyone can make behaviour change it is good to know which of the 5 “stages” of the change model you are in.
If you are in the Pre-contemplation (1st) stage, you are not seriously thinking about changing or starting an exercise program and my job as a fitness instructor would be to increase your awareness of the importance of exercise.
At the Contemplation (2nd) stage you have started to think about exercise and it would be my job to continue with education and discussion of benefits.
If you are in the Preparation (3rd) stage you have begun to plan for change and I could help you with a free/no obligation assessment of your current health status and help you with your goal planning.
At the Action (4th) stage, you have made changes to your activity level but it has been less than 6 months since you started making these changes.  i could help you with a safe, effective program, help prevent relapses, deal with relapses and provide motivation and encouragement.
And when you make it to the fifth stage, Maintenance (6 months or more of adhering to an exercise program) I could continue to review and revise your goals and program, help you prevent relapses and provide variety, motivation and encouragement.
What stage are you at?
Are you ready to move to the next stage?


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