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As a canfitpro Certified Older Adult Fitness Specialist, I commit to:

  • Educate older adults to work at their own level of ability and to perform safe and effective exercise
  • Communicate in a genuine, honest and professional manner to all older adults
  • Motivate older adults to pursue a healthy, happy and balanced lifestyle
  • Work in conjunction with all health care professionals who provide care and service to each older adult and refer the older adult to other qualified professionals when necessary
  • Protect and respect the confidentiality of the older adult at all times
  • Continually strive to learn more about new research on activity and aging and learn appropriate exercise techniques for older adults
  • Maintain annual CPR training and regular First Aid training
  • Secure personal liability insurance to properly protect myself and all older adults in my program
  • Promote a fit and healthy lifestyle as a positive canfitpro role model


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