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Welcome to Fitness after 50

As we age, active-living is more important than ever.  In fact being active can reverse many symptoms of aging.  Regular exercise boosts energy, manages symptoms of illness or pain and can help you maintain your independence.


Not sure where to start? Let Coach Gail guide you with Fitness after 50. As a canfitpro certified personal trainer (including older adult fitness certification), Gail is trained to assess your current health status and then create a safe, effective “personal” activity plan for you.


“I’m so glad I had personal training sessions with Gail. Earlier this year, I had gained some weight and lost muscle strength after several months of inactivity. I also have issues with my knees and lower back. I didn’t want to return to the gym, which I find a little intimidating. I’m in my early 50′s and when I saw the Fitness after 50 website and contacted Gail, I knew I had found the right option for me.” – Julie C.


“Gail puts you at ease right from the very start of the assessment. The resulting program is designed with measurable and attainable milestones to help you achieve your fitness goals, and friendly emails give you that little ‘reminder’ to keep you on track. Gail will help you reach fitness after 50!”
- Jan H.

What We Offer

Free Consultation

Is Gail the right match for you and your fitness goals?  Arrange a free consultation and find out how she can help.
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Twice weekly one on One Training

If you decide that you would like Coach Gail to help you on your fitness journey, twice weekly, hour long sessions are $45.00 per session ($450 for 10 sessions)
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